Digital Marketing Strategy

Finding all your digital planning overwhelming? Get your marketing streams and goals in line with a bulletproof marketing strategy.

Why do I need a digital marketing strategy?

Getting all your digital marketing content and goals working together in harmony should 100% be a priority for your business. You need to know what marketing channels are driving sales, leads and working for your budget, not against it.

Most businesses work with a set of KPIs to help keep an eye on digital performance, alongside a few digital tools to help manage a content or marketing calendar. You need to be able to execute content and projects, and be confident they're getting the ROI you want. All these tools will save you time, money and effort and help you conquer your goals!

Ready to get set and go? Have a look below at what key areas of planning and strategy I can help you with.

How I can help with strategy

Marketing Calendar

I've used the same digital marketing calendar template everywhere I've worked, and to great success. This calendar maps out the entire year by week and by marketing channel so you know exactly what is happening when!

Sales Tracker

If you are an eCommerce business, I have the perfect sales tracking template for you. It keeps in mind past year's performance, target, and position to target plus so much more to give you an overview of all sales.

Social Media Planner

I use digital tools to plan out all social media content, and let me tell you, it has changed the game! Plan out all social content by week and day, and tick everything off as you go to stay on track (and do a little dance!)

KPI Dashboard

So you've planned your goals for the year, now what? Time to keep track of them weekly on a custom done-for-you KPI dashboard. Easily see where some goals are slipping with this tracker and keep everything under control.

Need all four?

All four of these digital marketing templates work together, and can help you build a great foundation for reporting, analysis and overall strategy. Get in touch for a quote to have all four built for you as a package, and get all planning under control.

You need a plan

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