Paid Advertising (B2C)

Utilise Facebook Ads and Google Shopping to make the most of your store traffic, and increase your sales!

Should I invest in Ads?

If your business is online, 9 times out of 10, you should be advertising online! Paid advertising on Facebook and Google are two powerful ways to drive targeted traffic to your store. Then it's up to your landing pages and messaging to convince the user to buy.

Pay Per Click or social advertising is highly favoured by most businesses because it's very controllable - you set the budget, run the campaigns when you want and market to who you want. The options are endless for eCommerce businesses, whether listing your products on Google Shopping, or creating killer search ads to bring consumers to your website.

Depending on your industry, it can also be highly profitable, and give you a robust ROI. So if you're already getting good traffic to your store, why not build on that success with paid advertising?

Google and Facebook currently account for 60% of all ad spend - 


My Paid Advertising Packages


Paid Ads Monthly Retainer

£500 p/m

The best option if you're looking to have your paid ads all handled for you:


  • Complete management of your Facebook and Google campaigns

  • Weekly reports on key KPIs, revenue and spend

  • Weekly tweaks on performance for campaign optimisation and improvement

  • Monthly campaigns always planned for strong ROI, and planned a month ahead to account for new product releases, promotions or collections

Paid Ads Audit + Guidance


The best option if you just need a bit of guidance to improve your Facebook and Google Ads yourself!​

  • An audit of your past Facebook campaigns and Google Ads account

  • Guidance on how to improve you campaigns, with your advertising goals in mind

  • An update to keyword research, to build and improve what you already have

  • Guidance on how to structure copy, build an audience, pick imagery, a winning call to action and what budget structure to go for

  • All of this provided to you in a handy, easy to use document so you can continue with the work yourself!

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