• Sarah Dyer

5 Tips for Successful Google Shopping Campaigns

Running Google Shopping campaigns is no joke kids - get it right, and you could easily increase your monthly revenue by 10-20% (at times more!). If you own or run an eCommerce business, Google Shopping should definitely be part of your paid ad strategy.

But since it’s competitive out there, I’ve named my top 5 tips for making your Shopping campaigns a success, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Successful Google Shopping ads MEANS:

  • Increased conversions

  • Higher click through rate

  • Improved return on ads spend (ROAS)

  • Reduced cost per acquisition (CPA), with increased clicks

  • Reduced cost per click (CPC), with increased clicks

  • Increased revenue

If you start to notice any of these key indicators, this means your campaign is moving in the right direction!

Peep the tips below to get started:

1. Accurate & up to date data on your product feed

Make sure that pricing, titles, stock quantity, imagery and description are stellar and accurate! There’s no point fuelling your campaigns with incorrect data, when all the Google machine will do is use your budget anyway and still sleep at night. Yikes!

2. Clear and professional product imagery

This is not just a rule of thumb for Google Ads. Your website will benefit greatly from top notch photography, making your products enticing and appealing to your target audience. Even if you are selling branded merchandise, why not consider doing your own photoshoot rather than using supplier imagery? This helps you stand out from a competitor's product listing!

3. Keyword fuelled descriptions and titles

Since Google Shopping is not powered by keywords that you choose, it’s super important to have the right keywords and phrases in your copy & titles. Make sure your product information makes sense, is free of typos and your product pages have clear call to action - that coupled with relevant keywords equals happy days!

4. Set up Shipping and Returns

If you are running Google Shopping ads, you’ll know that Google’s Merchant Centre is your new best friend. Keep all your product feeds happy in Merchant Centre, and data will flow smoothly.

One of the key things to set up correctly on Merchant Centre is shipping and returns info - it can sometimes mean the difference between a sale between you and a competitor if you are offering a better shipping rate!

5. Campaign structure

For B2C brands, campaign structure for your Google Shopping ads is really important. Make sure that products are slotted into relevant ad groups, similar to the structure of your website’s navigation. I.e. - Trainers, Womens Boots, Womens Heels, Summer Sandals, Flips Flops, etc.

This way you’ll easily be able to adjust your bids as these products might have similar performance (and average sale price/cost price).

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