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Slay your content marketing

Everything you need to plan + create effective content

No tricks - just wins

Tried & tested workbooks to research, plan, organise and streamline your content strategy and understand your audience. Create purposeful content and increase your sales!

Oh neato, what's inside?

Easily generate + plan effective content

Find out exactly what content you should be creating for your target audience. Everything you need from a content questionnaire right through to content planner templates for Trello and more. Discover what language to use effectively across all marketing channels.

These are my favourite resources! Guides I've used time and time again with clients - ideal for marketers + small business owners alike.

WORTH £500+

7 Workbooks

  • Content Questionnaire

  • Content Research Guide

  • Pain Points Map

  • Content Types Database

  • My 'Evolve' Content Strategy

  • Buying Motivations Builder

  • Brand Messaging Guide

3 Key Templates

  • Marketing Calendar Template

  • Content Planner Template (Trello)

  • KPI Dashboard


  • 2 x Cute To-Do Lists

  • How to Create Leads using Facebook Ads

Work through your:

Audience + pain points + buying motivations + themes + content planner

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Get instantly organised

Ideal for anyone working in digital marketing

  • Done-for-you marketing calendars, reporting, how-to guides and super cute to-do lists to save YOU precious time and resource

  • Manage your plans (and hats!) across projects, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing and sales

  • Be confident you're creating content specifically for your company or brand's target audience

  • Learn about buying motivations, how to use them and why it's key for successful sales and loyal customers

  • Crafted for you by a marketer with 9+ years experience working with B2C and B2B brands + retailers

  • Fuss free planning, giving you time to excel at implementing the digital marketing strategy you've always wanted!

  • De-fuzz your brain and organise your content strategy + creation

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Here to help small business owners with their strategy + planning

  • Refine exactly who you're targeting with your content with a content questionnaire + research guide

  • Manage your plans across projects, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing and sales

  • Gain confidence by measuring your activity with my easy to use reports

  • Take the guesswork out of how to talk to your target audience

  • One stop shop for all your content strategy + creation, no more wasting precious time!

  • Coming from a marketer with 9+ years experience working with B2C and B2B brands and retailers​ - and who has a huge passion for helping small business thrive! (psst, that's what I do now as a freelancer).

Sound like you?

Not enough time to get everything done

No content organisation or real plan

Struggle to produce valuable content

Unsure of your target audience

Too many ideas - no structure!

Not enough ideas - what content do I create?

Don't know how to write copy for your target audience

Want in?

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About me

Oh hello - I'm Sarah! Based in Glasgow, Scotland, I've got almost a decade's experience in digital marketing. I've worked for larger fashion retailers, smaller B2C brands, agencies and for a charity.

Now a freelancer, I am here to say folks - planning your marketing strategy? Pretty much follows the same process no matter the size of your business! Get the foundations solid, and never look back.

Creating a digital marketing strategy mix across all platforms is so key - getting this right has helped me grow sales for brands + clients alike.

My bug bear as a marketer is that so much is expected of us - managing sometimes up to 10 different marketing channels, running new projects, creating effective content AND keeping our beady eye on our sales targets. Yikes.

It is tough and exhausting work - but so so rewarding when we get on top of planning, allowing us to smash our goals.

It's why I wanted to share these key guides with you - as a professional multi tasker myself! I hope these resources can support you and get your plans in line, and more importantly - thriving.

Time to work some magic!